The Social animal

I found this video as a part of my thesis research. In brief, it talks about the importance of these three new findings in neuroscience:

1. Most of the work of our brain is made by our subconscious (and not necessary  Freud’s subconscious)
2. Emotions are at the center of our thinking, and contrary to the general perception, emotions inform and play an essential work in decision-making.
3. We are not self contained individuals. We are social animals, not rational animals.
Here are some of the questions that popped into my head while watching it.
How this new perspective on human nature could change the way designers engage in design practices?
How acknowledging the real role of our subconscious in human’s thinking process could affect the way we think about our users?
How these new findings in neuroscience can inform design practice?

What do you think?



    1. Sure! new knowledge always can be used in several fashions. And topics related to the subconscious are loaded with bad reputation. However, I belive that the implications for doing good with these new resources are bigger that the implications for manipulate or exploit users. So interesting the kind of debate that this topic can unleash. Thanks!

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